25 Easy Tips for a Profitable Garage Sale

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I meant to put those out! The more merchandise you have, the more attractive your garage sale will be to buyers. Consider asking neighbors, friends and family if they want to participate and bring items for sale. Clean up your merchandise. No one wants to buy items that are dirty or need repair. When advertising, be sure to include your address, some of the key items you will be selling, and the day and hours you will be open. For the Kingswood residents joining in the annual Kingswood Rummage Sales, be sure to register your sale.

The advertising the Kingswood committee does to promote the event is priceless, so register your sale to gain the most from this advertising. Begin telling everyone — family, friends, co-workers - about your yard sale and ask them to pass on the word. Every couple days, re-list the sale so that it stays near the top listing.

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Pin them on bulletin boards in grocery stores, laundromats, and anywhere else there are bulletin boards. Use bright colored paper to make them stand out. The writing on the sign must be large and clear enough to read by passing drivers. You will be amazed at how quickly the news spreads. Pricing Your Items :. When pricing your items, keep two things in mind.


37 Garage Sale Tips and Tricks: A Guide To Hosting Great Yard or Garage Sale

You are more likely to sell an item with a low price, and the lower your prices are, the more that people tend to buy from you! Do your research. When pricing items, be sure to know what the going rate is for that particular toy, appliance, piece of furniture, etc. Keep math to a minimum. You could make large temporary tables with sheets of plywood and sawhorses and cover them with plastic tablecloths.

Keep as many items as possible off of the ground! Some customers may not be physically able to get down to get a closer look at your items. Be organized. Take your items out of the box. Display items so that people can easily see the details. If possible, hang clothing items. Hanging clothing makes it much easier to look through vs.

How To Save Money

Group Similar Items Together. Over the past year I have been ruthlessly decluttering and minimizing our home. I had gathered quite a bit of stuff we no longer use or love. I was planning to donate it, simply to get it out of the house as quickly and effortlessly as possible.

5 Tips for Organizing Your Garage Sale

However, my husband thought we should try hosting a garage sale first because we had so much stuff. I reluctantly agreed to do a garage sale, even though I was concerned about all the time and effort required. We ended up having a very successful garage sale. Despite poor weather and basically getting rained out the second day. There were several things we did that led to the success of our garage sale.

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TOP 10 Garage & Yard sale items to resell on Ebay & Amazon

We are so happy with how our garage sale went. We sold just about all of our very large collection of stuff we had accumulated from decluttering our house.

2 Tips for Advertising Your Yard Sale

And we made a great profit to make it worth all the time and effort involved. It will be a fun way to celebrate our garage sale success!

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I hope these tips will help you have a successful and profitable garage sale as well. It takes a lot of work and time to plan, prepare and host your garage sale. Have you ever hosted a garage sale? How did it go? Do you have any tips to add to this list?

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Leave a comment below and let us know what worked for you! I think I need to have a garage sale now!

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