América, América. Viaje por California y el Far West (Spanish Edition)

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Pedro Font accompanied Anza on his second expedition and his diary is the primary historical source for what is known about Anza's second expedition, the first to reach San Francisco. This example of the map shows day 1 to day 81 and day to day of Anza's trek through Southern California towards San Francisco, before the lost upper left panel obscures the rest of the expedtion. A similar manuscript map in the collection of the John Carter Brown Library shows the full expedition: jcb.

Cartographic elements include lines of latitude and longitude, scale, sea banks or shoals, some topographical details, location of roads, presidios, churches, and the daily log of encampments along the route. Following the creation of the first missions in Alta California in , the Spanish recognized the need to establish a reliable land route to Alta California.

Following this successful first expedtion, a larger second expedition was organized. The second expedition, including Father Pedro Font and a group of colonists, departed for California in October, , reaching the Mission San Gabriel in January After settling the colonists in the Southern California Missions, Anza and a smaller group including Pedro Font , travelled north to San Francisco, locating the first overland route to San Francisco Bay. As shown on the map, before making the trip north, Anza and a small group of men proceeded south to the Mission San Diego, where the Indians had recently attacked the mission, killing Father Juame and two Spanish workmen.

Anza decided to travel to San Diego to render assistance, and also to seek additional supplies for the journey to Monterey, since the colonists were straining the resources available at San Gabriel. Because of his expertise with navigational equipment, he accompanied Juan Bautista de Anza on a trek to Alta California from the Tubac Presidio. His diary, the extended version of which is at the John Carter Brown Library, is considered the best account of Anza's expedition to establish a Spanish base on the North American west coast.

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The present example of the map is a contemporary copy of Font's original map, almost certainly drawn shortly after a copy of the original Font manuscript map and diary reached Madrid, almost certainly sometime between and This copy of the map was found in a composite atlas of Spanish maps which was divided up in , after being acquired by the Old Print Shop in New York City from Clive A.

Burden Ltd. A number of the maps were subsequently acquired by us in February Cheaper hotels abound, including the Holiday Inn Doha , popular with both business travelers and tourists on a budget. The best times to visit are between November and March, when temperatures are cooler, but in the desert, even temps in the mids are tolerable.

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Before you plan a visit or stopover, consider the timing of the month of Ramadan which can vary , when Muslims cannot eat between sunrise and sunset and when business is curtailed, as are all sales of alcohol. From heli-skiing to polar bear gazing by hot air balloon, adventure travel has reached new heights in the Canadian Arctic. Not only is it more accessible than its bucket list cousin Antarctica, but it also boasts several small communities where Inuit traditions thrive.

Meanwhile, Baffin Safari offers a hot air balloon service over Floe Edge, where the frozen sea meets the open ocean. With climate change rapidly impacting the Arctic, the time is now to experience its icy beauty. Where to Stay: New hotels are rumored to rise in the capital of Iqaluit, but Frobisher Inn remains the top choice for a budget-friendly stay.

With a Beluga Whale observation site nearby, the area offers incredible wildlife photography opportunities and 24 hours of summertime daylight to capture it all. Insider Tip: Aim to spend a day or two in Pangnirtung , a hamlet famous for its tight-knit community of artists. Wandering through the streets, you might be amazed to find a riot of colors with historic buildings painted lime green, neon yellow, royal blue, and a variety of other eye-popping hues.

While Sol Island and Luna Island are popular destinations, there are off-the-beaten-path towns along the shores that are waiting to be discovered. Guests can sip cocktails at the rooftop terrace, sample Bolivian cuisine at the restaurant, and take a dip in the infinity pool. Insider Tip: Locals have long combatted the effects of altitude sickness by chewing coca leaves or drinking coca tea. In shops near the market, you can also find antique hand-woven aguayos traditionally used by indigenous people to carry everything from fresh produce to small children , which make nice souvenirs.

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When to Go: May through October is the dry season, with sunny days and colder temperatures, especially at night. The only carbon-negative country in the world is your true gateway to sustainable tourism and a place lost in time. There are modest accommodations boasting only two stars to sprawling five-star lodges that perfectly blend simplicity with luxury.

For a splurge, Amankora Bhutan has a group of five luxury lodges spread throughout the country including Amankora Paro. Six Senses will debut in November Take time to admire the intricacies of its traditional architecture and chat with the locals.

And bring enough cash for personal expenses, as working ATMs are few and far between, especially outside the cities. When to Go: Spring, from March through early May, is an ideal time to visit Bhutan, with its pleasant weather and stunning rhododendron blooms carpeting the landscape. September through November is an excellent stretch for partaking in festivals and exploring its great outdoors.

The Senegalese are a lively and communal bunch.

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Up north in St. Louis, a world-class jazz festival ascends every year music is life to the Senegalese to this crumbled French Colonial capital, while down south on Sine-Saloum Delta, you can go truly off the grid by sleeping in a Baobab tree in Niassam in the Palmarin Nature Preserve. Right now, Hotel Pullman is the spot to be. In St. Louis, stay and dine at Le Siki , where expats mingle with local legends. In the midst of the Fathala Wildlife Reserve is a luxury resort where while you sleep, the lions roam and you can walk with them during the day! But sidled up to the Sahara, the interior gets hot. Really hot. The rains come in May and June, but June is the most popular time for tourists. Go when you want. As is the film Touki Bouki. The entire state, especially on Maui and Oahu, has transformed itself into a local-food paradise , featuring chef-driven restaurants and next-level farm to table meals starring ingredients that taste better than they do on the mainland: fish fresh from the ocean, pears from down the road, and pineapple so deliciously-sweet they sometimes turn them into alcohol.

As an added bonus, in response to environmental factors, the islands have built a well-deserved reputation for producing sustainable foods. Where to Stay : On Maui? The Grand Wailea. On Oahu? On the Big Island or Kauai? When to Go: The weather is always great in Hawaii, so when you go depends on what you want to do. Want to avoid the tourist traffic and high season prices? Go in shoulder season. At night, locals sip cocktails in the secret gardens of Bacchanal or N7 , dance the night away on St.

If time allows, plan to eat at least a few breakfasts here. A good compromise is Melrose Mansion , a boutique hotel between the Marigny and French Quarter and an easy minute walk to most Bywater attractions. One, all the steel and glass rising into the air—this is the bustling economic capital of the West Indies. And two, the diverse features and shades of beautiful people. Under the Savannah trees, try Pholourie, an Indian snack, with spicy chutney, washed down with a cold coconut water. Enjoy the best selection of local Afro-Trini dishes like callaloo, pelau, and fish broth at the open-air Breakfast Shed a great spot for lunch or at the bright and cheerful Veni Mange at dinner.

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For first-timers, Trini English has brilliant slang and takes some getting used to. If you want to immerse in a different vibe, lime in St. Soca music fuels these limes and a great way to connect is to ask people about their favorite tunes. Need a break from all the energy? Want more rainforests, coral reefs, and postcard beaches?

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The Courtyard by Marriott is just as reliable with a lovely staff. When to Go: Five miles off the coast of South America, Trinidad is beautiful year-round with just two seasons, wet and dry. Biswas by V. These round, limestone huts painted white and capped with conical roofs make use of prehistoric construction techniques and come together 1,strong in a sea of fairytale dwellings that earned Alberobello its distinction as a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Like anywhere in Italy, save plenty of room in your itinerary for eating. Where to Stay: Accommodation is generally inexpensive here. For the most quintessential Pugliese experience, stay in one of the famed trulli with a reservation at Trulli and Puglia Resort or Trulli Colarossa. For a more traditional, luxury experience with spas and fine dining, try Masseria Torre Maizza or Borgo Egnazia.

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Much of the region is flat and picturesque, providing the perfect backdrop for cyclists of all skill levels, and the Borboni Cycleway offers more than miles of terrain with some hills for more the more serious athlete. For richer food at the height of the olive oil harvest, visit in winter. Ditch the crowds of the southern beaches for hill tribe villages, elephants, and pleasantly cool nights. Outside Chiang Rai, next to the Burmese and Laos borders, are two luxury tented resorts complete with elephant camps— Anantara and Four Seasons.

This is when farmers practice slash and burn agriculture, which can lead to poor air quality.

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  • Rainy season June to October sees brief afternoon downpours and rain overnight, but the countryside is beautifully lush and temperatures fall back into the upper 80s. Black Sea beaches, snow-capped mountains, and thriving cultural hubs draw intrepid travelers to this soon-to-explode hotspot.

    Parts of Georgia are still occupied by Russia, but the general sensibility throughout the country is one of gratitude and resilience.

    Rich in history with a cuisine to match, Georgia tourism grows every year but the country retains its ragged edges, and your experience as a visitor will feel anything but contrived. Whether you come for the amber wines, the breathtaking views, or the urban gem that is its capital city, you have to experience it to believe it.