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So where does the devil come into the details of Eden? Biblical scholar Shawna Dolansky examines how the serpent became Satan. The Book of Leviticus tells us to love our neighbors, but who are our neighbors? Does the command mean to just love fellow Israelites—or everyone? By submitting above, you agree to our privacy policy.

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For more than 40 years, the Biblical Archaeology Society has partnered with world-renowned hosts and guides to provide you exceptional educational offerings in the archaeology of the Biblical lands and in Biblical studies. Bible Interpretation. Nov 29 Laughter in the Bible? Sep 10 Who Is Satan?

By: Robin Ngo Were the creation stories in Genesis meant to be taken literally? Must-Read Free eBooks.

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Pyramid codes, playacting, and veiled Israelite histories: Pre-critical Biblical interpretation and Victorian archaeology. Relegere: Studies in Religion and Reception, 5 1 , Abstract: Biblical archaeology is often thought to have emerged as a positivist hybrid of Victorian Near Eastern studies and the new critical approach to biblical studies. When the results of this emerging field were applied to biblical studies, rather than solely helping focus critical approaches along historical lines, the newly discovered Near Eastern materials opened up interpretation beyond the academy.

The enterprise gave pre-critical biblical studies a new life for now there were different and charismatic sources. This paper examines some of the new pre-critical readings of the Bible inspired by archaeology offered by artists, playwrights, showmen, and new religious leaders.

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