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Did the harassment from both families eventually end?

Why are still living in the same area where Sal can find you On the back of Beyond the Bluegrass there is a little author bio that explains Golda is currently serving time in a Colorado correctional facility, so my next question would be why are you in a correctional facility?

Is it because of something Sal has done to you?

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Also I have some other questions. This is a huge deal so why if Golda is now no longer under her kidnappers rule is she not screaming to the media? Why can't I find any information on Golda besides a mugshot?

Or any information on her kidnapper? I would have liked to see Beyond the Bluegrass set more like diary entries because it read more like a diary. Written as if Golda wrote in a hurry, much like you would do in a diary. Overall, like I said before, Beyond the Bluegrass has the potential to be so much more but because of a lot of editing errors it does fall short.

Would I recommend this book to a friend? Honestly, at this point I would not. However if a more polished version were to come out on the market, I would because it's a great example of someone being put through the ringer and brought to a living hell and never seeming to give up hope in God, the one who can and will save her and anyone else in need.

View 1 comment. First, I want to be clear that I'm rating and reviewing the quality of this book. My opinions here are in no way a reflection of Golda Harvey or the ordeal she suffered through. This book is difficult to read, but my problems didn't stem from any graphic content.

The book simply is not written well. For instance, the Foreword jumps continually from third person to first person, sometimes within the same sentence.

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The sentence structure is awkward. Punctuation is missing or misplaced. And stray or First, I want to be clear that I'm rating and reviewing the quality of this book. And stray or wrong words make some sentences nonsensical. For these reasons, the story came off as childish and did not have the impact this kind of story should have had. I stumbled through, trying to follow the story in the midst of the chaos. Also, there was, apparently, much left out.

The ending left me wondering if the last part of the book had been cut before print. Golda Harvey's bio on the back of this book states that she is currently serving time in prison. Yet, in the book she never once states that she was even charged with any crime. Finally, I found parts of the story difficult to believe. This might have stemmed from the quality of writing, as we skimmed over huge events with only a few sentences. As an example, her captor often took her out to diners and other public places, yet absolutely no one helped her to escape.

Certain people knew she was being held against her will, or so I surmised from the writing, but not once did anyone step in. I would like to believe the people in this world are not all so willing to turn a blind eye to a young girl being kidnapped and abused. I would have liked to better understand Golda Harvey's story. I would have liked to know how the experience left her, how she managed to move on, how her children deal with it all, and how she wound up in prison. In the end, this book left me with far more questions than answers.

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View 2 comments. Mar 24, Athena Nagel rated it really liked it Shelves: reviewed. Beyond the BlueGrass is a phenomenal story of survival written by Golda Harvey after being kidnapped at the age of 16 for a period of 15 years. Although she manages a few times to escape, her captor keeps finding her and "taking her back". Eventually she has children with this man - from rape not out of love. My heart breaks for Golda. I am not sure how she ended up where she is today or what her future holds.

She goes through so many struggles with so many twists and turns. The book ends with u Beyond the BlueGrass is a phenomenal story of survival written by Golda Harvey after being kidnapped at the age of 16 for a period of 15 years.

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The book ends with us being told basically that her story is just beginning I have no idea what happens beyond this or how Golda Harvey ended up in prison herself. The writing of her life is not the most well written - but I can imagine writing similarly if I had to chronicle my life's journey. However, editors should have helped with the flow of the story. I do give this story 4 stars. It is a heartfelt story and difficult to put down. I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. View all 3 comments. There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

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