Bloodlines (The Anti-Vampire Tale, Book 2)

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Tragically hip Toreador offshoot. An odd, flamboyant bloodline with aspirations for clan status within the Camarilla.

Episode 02 - The Anti-Vampire Tale Video Reading Series (Chapter 2) - An Entire Vampire Novel 4 FREE

Fallen Angels version 2 By James Park. Angels cursed by Heaven to be vampires. Fallen Angels antitribu By Mike Esposito. Based on James Park's creation, vampires who seek heavenly redemption by following Caine.

Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines

Faerenetti By Steve Reigle. A bloodline of obsessed, foggy minded scientists. Flammae Ignis By Frank Torkel. Kindred who have attained immunity to fire at the cost of their souls. The bane of online forums everywhere. Frighteners By dhendrix dexter. Vampires who model themselves after movie killers. Furies By Daniel Maloy. Avenging spirits possessed by an unquenchable rage.

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G [top] Gaerini By Damien Moore. An aquatic bloodline derived from the Gangrel. The Hungry Ghosts of Japan.

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  8. Lance Alloway. The early days of the clan founder. Society and nature of the Gangrel. Gangrel revision. The Gangrel as they were during the Roman Empire. Plus a code of ethics.

    Garguilleans By Andrew Fowler. Gargoyle-offshoot resulting from a failed Giovanni experiment. An interpretation that increases the severity of clan weaknesses as Generation becomes lower. An accurate summation of far too many of these lines. A bloodline of crashing boors. Gestalt By Jay Knioum.

    Radioactive vampires. Ghul By Stacey Lawless. A degenerate sub-group of the Dakini.

    Bloodlines (The Anti-Vampire Tale, Book 2), a Vampire series by Lewis Aleman

    The origins of the Giovanni and information about their lackeys. Gods of the Cities By Robin Pfeiffer.

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    The vampires of Ancient Sumeria. Gollum By Sauron. Aquatic offshoot of the Toreador with a grudge against the Nosferatu. Detailing the Seven Circles of Mystery for Tremere apprentices. Melodramatic annoyances. Grey Men By Peloquin.

    Bloodlines (the Anti-Vampire Tale, Book 2)

    Eternally depressed vampires. Grimtor By Matt Manning. Homicidal maniacs who hunt demons for their power. Guardians of Polaris By Frank Torkel. Unliving magnets. H [top] Harbinger By Derek Marcoux. Students of death and dying. Proposed background for the revived Cappadocian line. Helsdottir By Ben Buckner. Nordic vampires of death and ice. Hellene By Arthur Reilly. Classic Greek philosophers and athletes. Heris By David Youngberg. Superhero vampires. Hetaera By Deirdre Brooks. True Ladies of the Evening. Hibakusha By J. Brief history of the Hibakusha bloodlines. Hibakusha Drukpa By J. Hibakusha bloodline of Bhutanese Dragon Lords. Hibakusha Hantu By J. Hibakusha bloodline of Malaysian dancers.

    Hibakusha Kasa By J. Hibakusha bloodline of Japanese warriors. Hibakusha Kuei By J. Hibakusha bloodline of tiger lords. Hibakusha Kyuketsuki By Jenny Parr. Japanese demon hunters. Hibakusha Onyudu By Jenny Parr.