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However, improvisation plays an important role and it is normal for the actors to deviate from the script and have spontaneous conversations about the material with each other or the audience. It is also common for them to make references to pop culture or to talk about local people and places in the area where the play is being performed.

38 Facts About Shakespeare’s 38 Plays

As a result, performances differ, even with the same cast. When asked how many tickets you need, please enter your number of tickets PLUS dinners, then select the standard price and dinner options separately for each ticket from the dropdown menu on the ticket type page.

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Distant events may not yet have dinner tickets available. Seat tickets may be ordered now, and dinner tickets will be added as events draw nearer. The editors or publishers also had to negotiate the right to print plays that existed in quarto editions that had not sold out — Troilus and Cressida, for example, is not listed in the contents page of the First Folio because that page was printed before permission to include the play was obtained.

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  • There are even different editions of the First Folio, since the to first run was printed over at least 18 months. Copies cost around one pound each.

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    A second edition was printed in and a Third Folio in In seven new plays were added to the Third Folio, although of these seven only Pericles would eventually be accepted as authentic. The debate over the Shakespeare canon rumbles on even today. In contrasts, although The Two Noble Kinsmen was attributed to Shakespeare and John Fletcher when published outside of the Folios is , it was a further three centuries before it was included in the collected plays.

    Cardenio, a play performed on several occasions in was also attributed to Shakespeare and Fletcher when it was registered for publication in , but no text survives. Then, in the s, publishers decided to include Edward III as a 39th play, albeit recognizing it as a collaborative effort.

    The Complete Works by William Shakespeare

    Written around , the play was initially banned in theatres, but Shakespeare may have been brought in to rewrite one controversial scene. The influence of the plays in the First Folio , not only on the English-speaking world but across all cultures, is immense. His plots have inspired ceaseless adaptations and spin-offs, and continue to do so. Moreover, he was a great inventor of words and that, together with his phrase-making, has immeasurably enriched the English language.


    The plots, populated with the most famous and unforgettable characters, many of whom we feel we know as real people, address almost every situation that may confront a human being of any culture, and for each of those situations there are profound observations from the characters. Shakespeare is a teacher from whom there are lessons on everything that we may come across in life.

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    The book is a mirror in which we can reflect themes of love and hate, war and peace, freedom and tyranny. All other cultures translate, adapt and perform the plays regularly and they are the most performed plays on earth.

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    English history has been transformed by Shakespeare. Any of the kings and queens who appear in the First Folio become the historical figure they represent in that it is difficult for scholars to get back to the real person. For example, Richard III has little hope of ever being other than the hunchbacked psychopathic villain or Henry V as the best king who ever lived. In that way Shakespeare has shaped the way we look at Mediaeval English history and the lessons that can be learned from it.