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You ask and we deliver, so sit back, adjust your pocket protector, and get ready for a free falling physics lesson! This is an area of study on the relationship between force and momentum that is almost completely based on the work of Sir Issac Newton, the apple loving physicist and mathematician. In Newtonian physics, free fall is defined as the motion of an object where gravity is the only force acting upon it. By this definition then, a skydiver is never in true free fall, even before they deploy their parachute. A skydiver may be pulled towards earth by gravity, but they are also affected by air resistance, a force opposing their downward movement.

Well, what is free falling, you ask? By the Newtonian definition, the moon itself is in free fall! Because the gravity of earth is the only force acting upon the moon. Though not true free fall devices by this strict definition, we thought it would be impracticable to mount our devices in space or build giant vacuums for each installation.

For those of you so inclined, feel free to dig further into the details of free fall physics and mathematics.

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Without the effects of air resistance, the speed of an object free falling toward Earth would increase by about 32 ft 9. Terminal velocity is the fastest speed that an object will reach as it falls through the air.

Skydiver completes highest-ever jump without parachute

As a skydiver jumps, gravity pulls them towards the earth, accelerating their fall. At the same time, air resistance is pushing back on them and increases at higher speeds. At this point, they will have reached terminal velocity and will fall at a constant speed, no longer accelerating.

But two objects together are heavier than either by itself and so we should also reason that they will have a greater acceleration. This is a contradiction. Here's another thought problem. Take two objects of equal mass. According to Aristotle, they should accelerate at the same rate. Now tie them together with a light piece of string.

Together, they should have twice their original acceleration. But how do they know to do this? How do inanimate objects know that they are connected? Let's extend the problem. Isn't every heavy object merely an assembly of lighter parts stuck together? How can a collection of light parts, each moving with a small acceleration, suddenly accelerate rapidly once joined? We've argued Aristotle into a corner.

The acceleration due to gravity is independent of mass. Galileo made plenty of measurements related to the acceleration due to gravity but never once calculated its value or if he did, I have never seen it reported anywhere.

Instead he stated his findings as a set of proportions and geometric relationships — lots of them. His description of constant speed required one definition, four axioms, and six theorems. All of these relationships can now be written as the single equation in modern notation. Algebraic symbols can contain as much information as several sentences of text, which is why they are used. Contrary to the common wisdom, mathematics makes life easier.

It is useful to memorize this number as millions of people around the globe already have , however, it should also be pointed out that this number is not a constant. Although mass has no effect on the acceleration due to gravity, there are other factors that do. Everyone reading this should be familiar with the images of the astronauts hopping about on the moon and should know that the gravity there is weaker than it is on the Earth — about one sixth as strong or approximately 1.

That is why the astronauts were able to hop around on the surface easily despite the weight of their space suits. Astronauts cruising through the top of Jupiter's thick atmosphere would find themselves struggling to stand up inside their space ship. The acceleration due to gravity varies with location. Furthermore, even on the Earth, this value varies with latitude and altitude to be discussed in a later chapter.

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The acceleration due to gravity is greater at the poles than at the equator and greater at sea level than atop Mount Everest. There are also local variations that depend upon geology. The value of 9. How crazy are you for accuracy? For most applications, the value of 9.

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During a multiple choice exam where calculators aren't allowed, this is often the way to go. If you need greater accuracy, consult a comprehensive reference work to find the accepted value for your latitude and altitude. If that's not good enough, then obtain the required instruments and measure the local value to as many significant digits as you can. You may learn something interesting about your location. I once met a geologist whose job it was to measure g across a portion of West Africa. When I asked him who he worked for and why he was doing this, he basically refused to answer other than to say that one could infer the interior structure of the Earth from a gravimetric map prepared from his findings.

Knowing this, one might then be able to identify structures where valuable minerals or petroleum might be found. Like all professions, those in the gravity measuring business gravimetry have their own special jargon. Note that the unit is written in lowercase as a word but is capitalized as a symbol. Split that into a thousand parts and you get a milligal [mGal].

Free Fall – The Physics Hypertextbook

Measurements with this precision can be used to study changes in the Earth's crust, sea levels, ocean currents, polar ice, and groundwater. Push it a little bit further and it should be possible to detect changes in earth's atmosphere. Gravity is a weighty subject that will be discussed in more detail later in this book.

The gal is an example of a Gaussian unit. From there you can navigate to the title you are interested in. Interest-specific online venues will often provide a book buying opportunity. Click here for a list of interest-specific sites grouped by category.

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