Fundamentals of Health Care Administration

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Healthcare Administration is the field relating to leadership, management and administration of hospitals, health care systems, hospital networks and public health systems. It is an exciting, growing field that offers many possibilities for challenging and rewarding careers. According to the U. Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment of healthcare managers is projected to grow 23 percent between and , a rate much faster than average for all occupations.

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As a healthcare administrator, you might manage, direct or coordinate medical services in a hospital, nursing care facility, physician-operated medical group or public clinic. The duties of a healthcare administrator can be complex and varied, requiring a mix of business administration skills, knowledge of medical services and understanding of local, state and federal regulations that govern the healthcare industry and related insurance industry.

Healthcare administrators work to minimize costs and maximize efficiencies, while providing the best possible services. While healthcare administration is a challenging career arena, it holds many opportunities. Some Alvernia business students pursue graduate degrees after graduation, either at Alvernia or other colleges and universities.

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By declaring interest in your junior year, you could be eligible to enroll in a credit Master of Business Administration degree program that you complete in just one year. You would extend your stay at Alvernia for an extra year, finishing after five years with both an undergraduate and graduate degree. For more information, download the Summary of Changes document.

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Health Care and Social Assistance. Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services. It also provides safe, comfortable, and compassionate places for people to receive health services. Although healthcare administration is concerned with the business side of healthcare, it does not diminish the focus on providing top quality and highly effective patient care.

As a career field, healthcare administration has developed right alongside advances in medical science and the growth of hospitals in the United States. Until the early part of the twentieth century, the wealthy received care in their homes, while the poor and those without family turned to the hospitals for care.

However, the implementation of anesthesia, the development of modern surgery, and the discovery of antibiotics transformed hospitals into places that could relieve suffering and provide cures. Between and , the number of hospitals in the U.