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I'm guessing you are far removed from development of the ACFT. A hex bar was chosen to decrease injury. The hex bars you've shown in your photo are specifically forbidden, and hex bars are an easy procurement. If, as you say, there is not a location that doesn't have access to a straight Olympic bar, then there is not a location that also has access to a hex bar. The sprint drag carry requires two kettle bells, two 45lb plates, and a nylon sled. Hardly resource intensive.

The army has already stated that turf can be used, so lay 25 yards of turf down inside.

No regulation has ever required execution of a fitness test while deployed, so this is a non issue. Any unit that requires a pt test on a deployment has piss poor leaders, because they just made up the requirement. In most states almost all units are concentrated near active duty bases or population centers. The guard will do what it's always done for everything, travel to where it needs. They've been doing it for ranges and training areas forever, this is just another range. Finally, faos and other folks stationed alone or in small groups without access to a gym I dont think we have an embassy without gym access travel frequently.

People hate change.

Army fitness has degraded over the years and having to focus on 3 events has resulted in people who can run fast but cant do anything else. Everyone in the army will complain, but that means were doing the right thing with this test. Great points.

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Having been in combat, can't say i've ever heard of anyone running 2 miles. Thats one stupid event. Upper and lower body strength and the ability to sprint makes perfect sense. Gonna be funny to see the no upper body strength run weenies suck at this. Well you've heard it here today. Aviation is full of great pilots. Not so many great Leaders or Soldiers.

The whole idea of a pt test us to be sure you are ready for deployment. Taking a pt test during a deployment is extra stupid. In garrison. Army regulation specifically exempts deployed soldier from apft a d any other administrative requirements including language testing and iwq. I dont know where you are from, but since all active duty unit including national guard unit while deployed require Soldiers to take PT tests. In Afghanistan right after a rocket attack we were required to take one.

God bless the U. Units can require whatever they want. A bad leaders unit policy and army regulation aren't the same thing. Just because units require it doesnt mean the army requires it. I've taken them while deployed too, and toxic leaders were always involved. Had to take a apft in Baghdad along a perimeter fence when it was outside. Real stupid, and real dangerous.

I can do really well on the APFT because it makes sense and it's not illogical muscle failure. This new PT test seems like an extreme workout plan versus a logical way to show your strengths, weaknesses, etc. The APFT already shows results.

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If you don't work out everyday and balance yourself in everything, you won't get stronger physically, mentally, etc. Since you all at USMA have an established population which has run both the APFT and new test, how about releasing the scoring data for both tests in the interest of transparency? As I served at the most remote embassy in DOS at a time it received the highest rates of hazard and hardship pay outside of Iraq and Afghanistan you would be hard pressed to convince me that a two mile run location can't be found.

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The changes to the PT test worked well with your traditional formation but got trickier once you leave an Army installation. They addressed the specific concerns I had but this is a much more elegant solution. Its literally its own milvan full of straightbars and plates. This test is dumb and unnecessary. This is what happens when the cross-fit weenies get in the ears of senior leadership.

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Made by a bunch of dipshits who have never seen combat. Seeking earnestly for a solution to a problem that doesnt exist. Oh well, have fun watchung end strength and readiness precipitously drop while the injuries mount up. More room at the top for 25 year old generals, sergeants majors, command chiefs. Stupid sums this up. The APFT is fine. To make it better, replace the sit-ups with a plank. What a waste of money and time. I saw the gear you need for this test. If you can't get a simple crate with a bar, a ball, a measuring tape and a weight bar anywhere in the world using the best freaking logistics support for any military ever you have a freaking problem.

I believe your MOS is supply, no wonder you talk like that.

Physical Fitness And Exercise For Active Duty Soldiers

When you are in a Combat MOS there is little support. Nice article. It is to be held using the "lower" handle. The straight bar deadlift, which is really referred to as "the deadlift," is a much better exercise than the hex version. But it requires training, more than the hex bar version, because of the increased back angle.

It makes for a heck of a strong back and posterior chain, or a broken one if done wrongly.

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United States Marine Corps Physical Fitness Test

I would caution recommending a more technical lift as an alternate exercise for one that is less so. In my opinion, the deadlift should have been the chosen exercise from the start, as long as we teach soldiers how to perform the lift safely. And it really is a safe activity compared to other things we do in the Army, just as we train for other things. This new test doesn't take into consideration the requirements on the Reserve Component service member.

Active units will have the money, facilities, and time to implement and make this work. How is the average reservist supposed to train up for this? Remember, the unit only gets them 2 days a month…that's not enough time to train them. Most reservists could maintain their fitness between drills to meet the current APFT, not all of them have the money to sign up for a gym membership which is what would need to be done…I don't think the Army will fund that.

Wa has already procured k worth of equipment and started sending mtts to the entire west coast. I dont think you know much about the guard or reserve. Thus, expensive gym membership that most of the people lower enlisted who drive more than miles from their homes to the Reserve Center in my Reserve Unit can't afford.

If the point of the AFCT is to determine how we do in combat and we are deployed to a combat zone, why are we taking it? Do you redeploy me if I fail because I'm not "combat ready? This seems like more of the silliness we are supposed to be getting rid of with the lethality memos.

Take the test while in garrison and focus on mission and maintaining your fitness to the best level possible while deployed.