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Original chapters on bonding and joining techniques, nanopackaging and biomedical packaging, MEMS and wafer level chip scale packaging, and packaging materials such as lead-free solders, flip chip underfills, epoxy molding compounds, and conductive adhesives have all been updated with the latest developments in the field. This book is ideal for professionals in semiconductor, digital health, and bio-medical areas as well as graduate students studying materials science and engineering.

Scientist for 7 years. Lu has published more than 50 journal papers, wrote chapters for six books, and holds more than 80 US and international patents. He has been serving key roles in organizing international electronic packaging conferences and teaching professional development courses in these conferences. Lu has more 15 years of experience in electronic packaging and is an expert in electronic packaging materials and processing.

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Professor C. His research interests focus on the areas of material and process for electronic, photonic, MEMS, sensors, and energy harvesting and storage. He has published over 1, technical papers, 12 books and holds over 65 US Patents. Embed Size px. Start on. Show related SlideShares at end. WordPress Shortcode.

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Embeds 0 No embeds. No notes for slide. She is in charge of comprehensive analyses focused on semiconductor equipment, materials and manufacturing processes. Amandine was based in Japan during one year to manage these projects. She has spoken in numerous international conferences and has authored or co-authored more than 10 papers.

Contact: pizzagalli yole. Lauranne is currently engaged in the development of market research reports as well as customized services for clients. She is able to leverage her technology training and experience in the fields of materials and semiconductor manufacturing processes for advanced packaging applications.

Polymeric materials for Advanced Packaging at the wafer-level Sample www.

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Temporary bonding materials Photo-resist Indirect materials Indeed, these megatrend applications are fueling the next generation of advanced packaging platforms high-density FOWLP, 3D stacked TSV memory, WLCSP, and flip-chip , which have reached a new level of complexity and now demand higher integration-level requirements. These lofty standards will strongly influence the increasing demand for advanced materials with new technical specifications, in order to achieve better performance. With respect to materials, polymeric materials due to their excellent electrical, chemical, and mechanical properties are already being applied in large-volume manufacturing in some advanced packaging process steps, and will increasingly be implemented when adopting additional functionalities in the same field.

Polymeric materials growth will find support mostly from the expansion of dielectric material for more complex devices, followed by the broad introduction of polymeric temporary bonding material. This report also offers: a detailed analysis of the polymeric materials market by volume and value for advanced packaging ; a market growth estimate for the - timeframe; and breakdowns by advanced packaging platforms and material function type. However, over the last few years, polymeric materials have attracted significant interest in the microelectronics field, while also making serious inroads in the advanced packaging area, adopting numerous functionalities within various packaging platforms.

There are a wide variety of polymeric materials available to packaging manufacturers: PI, PBO, BCB, epoxies, silicones, and acrylic, all of which are defined by their constant dielectric, cure temperature, stress, etc. Each company has developed expertise in a specific material or two, but not all of them. Thus there is no clear leader amongst materials suppliers across the different functions and sectors — rather, one supplier is dominant in each material category. Looking ahead, most materials suppliers involved with advanced packaging originate in myriad fields, from agricultural to pharmaceuticals, and span the entire materials range for microelectronics.

Lucrative microelectronics business opportunities drive MAs between materials suppliers entering from different industriesinaquesttoacquireshareinadvancedpackaging. However, it appears that PBO, with its high drop-reliability properties, is an appealing choice for thick RDL layers in a thickness range above 10um. Moreover, it has been demonstrated that warpage and stress are greatly reduced with PBO, especially for bigger wafer sizes mm. Looking ahead, the molding compound only used for FOWLP at the wafer packaging level is based primarily on an epoxy which requires a low-as-possible CTE in order to avoid the wafer warpage issues induced via CTE mismatch between mold and silicon.

Also, the high adhesion between the polymeric molding material and RDL must undergo a reliability test. From a technical point of view, liquid molding compound is today the dominant material applied at wafer level for FOWLP. Nevertheless, granular material could move ahead in the polymeric materials market for FOWLP at both wafer and panel level.

Meanwhile, temporary bonding materials differ not only in terms of material function, but also from one advanced packaging platform to another, since the challenges are different depending on the platform.

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