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Bihar izan dadin Internazionala pertsonaren adin. La seguente versione pare essere quella autenticamente opera di Gabriel Aresti da questa pagina. The following version seems to be that authentically written by Gabriel Aresti from this page.

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Odoltzaren ondoan sarri datorkigu asea! Burjesiaren hilobitzat zabal dezagun lezea, harekin ehortziko dugu eman daukun oinazea. Gora herri-artea, agintera zuzen; gure azken gerra bizkor etorri zen. Ohiuaren ederra, garbi eta hozen! Munduko langile guztiak bat egin gaitezen! Language: Low German. Lo ringraziamo di tutto cuore per averla voluta affidare al nostro sito.

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We thank him heartily for offering it to our website. Here is his introduction in both English and Low German: "Looking for a version in Low Saxon, I wrote several emails to institutions, which were founded to save this language. Everybody told me, that such a version does not exist. In reaction of this mail I tried to write a version for myself. It is not a really great poem — but maybe an idea for creating a better form of it. Is sach so.

Waakt op, ji, wat de hunger kennt.

Il malatino - Pescator che vai sul mare - Paolo Lucci

Hard vun slaaven, waak nu op! So I sat down and wrote three new verses as third to fifth verse of the song. All six verses do not fit too well to the original. In addition to the verses I wrote an introduction, based on the introductions of the languages mentioned above. Vun bet is de "Internationaale" ook de nationaalhymn vun de Sovjetunion ween.

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As speelsteen doot se uns behanneln, De herr'n vun fabriek, press un bank. J'ehr gott, 't kaptaal, ridt uns to schannen, Uns wark wert bringt se op de kant. De herrschers hebbt uns all to besten Mit snacks vun helden, faderland. Language: Bengali. Translated by Mohit Bandopadhay or Hemanga Biswas? Santi Pradhan, Kolkata English literal translation Arise, arise, arise proletarians, And prisoners of starvation, The workers have responded today, Our liberation has been confirmed. All ancient worn out superstitions; Break those and arise, masses, Get rid of your poverty and sorrows, By fighting till death.

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The final war begins comrade, Let us unite, The Internationale shall unite the human race. Language: Belarusian. Sull'alfabeto latino bielorusso basato in gran parte su quello polacco e sulla sua forma attuale si veda l' articolo di en:wikipedia. On the Belarusian Latin alphabet mostly based on the Polish spelling , see the relevant en:wikipedia article. Language: Burmese. La versione originale birmana, fattaci pervenire dall'impareggiabile Arisztid.

Proviene da cpburma. Reproduced from cpburma. Due to impossibility of finding the exact font WwinBurmese used for the document, lyrics are here reproduced in a. Da Questo blog. Burmese version of Billy Bragg's Internationale contributed by Arisztid. From This blog. As the Zawgyi font is no more available for download, the version is displayed with a snaphsot png image.

Language: Breton. Marinai bretoni, Breton sailors, Ar Bed-koz a bez d'an traon! Meveillen paour , war sao! En trezomp neuz salver ebed Na pab, na roue, na den all! Memprou a labour ar bed-man, Ar bed so d'al labourerien! An dud didalve diwarn-han! An holl dud breudeur war ar bed! War zao! La precedente versione di Charles Rol l and in grafia moderna.

Marthe Vassallo. Etrezomp na n'eus salver ebet, Na pab, na doue, na den all!

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Anch'essa si allontana nella grafia da quella odierna standardizzata. Ar gann diweza a zo Oll arog, ha souden Breudeur drez-oll a vo Elec'h enebourien Ar gann diweza a zo Oll arog, ha souden Breudeur drez-oll a vo Elec'h enebourien. Language: Italian Brianzolo. Language: Bulgarian. Versione standard in lingua bulgara.

The lyrics are available at this page. The Bulgarian version of the Internationale is very old: as a matter of fact, it dates from It was written by a young teacher, Nikola Michov , who was later to become an important academician and economist, and professor of library science in the Stopanska academy of Svishtov. At that time, Nikola Michov was a teacher in the village of Draganovo and his brother Michal, who was studying in France, sent him the original poem and the music.

Romanized Bulgarian version. Nij sme armija goljama, na trudovij, raboten svjat. Language: Chinese Cantonese. Language: Finnish Karelian. The complete lyrics are available at the following webpage.

Le spiagge di Sorrento - Itinerari - Sorrento

A Karelian version Arisztid found here. It is basically the same version as the standard version, with slight differences in spelling and in a number of points. Language: Kashubian. The Kashubian version of the Internationale contributed by Alicja Szczypta, whom we heartily thank. Language: Catalan. La Internacional ha estat l'himne de la Segona, la Tercera i la Quarta Internacionals, i de la majoria de partits socialistes i comunistes. Barcelona The author is supposed to be one Azal Gorriak a Basque name, however.

source site He also provides an English translation. Language: Czech. Language: Mari. Mari speakers, known as the Mari are found also in the Tatarstan, Udmurtia, and Perm regions. Mari today has a unified standard form with two variants Hill vs.

Meadow or Western and Eastern, with the Eastern variant prevailing in everyday usage , using a modified version of the Cyrillic alphabet, and is the titular and official language of its republic, alongside Russian. The use of two "variants," as opposed to two "languages," has been hotly debated: on the one hand, Maris recognize the unity of the ethnic group; on the other hand, the structural differences between Hill and Meadow Mari are at least as substantial, if not more so, than those found in the successor languages to what used to be called Serbo-Croatian, a Slavic language to which Mari is not at all related.

Language: Ukrainian Black Ruthenian. La sua capitale era Nowohorodok. La sua indipendenza ebbe fine nel Anche per questo motivo, probabilmente, l'edizione inglese di Wikipedia ha deciso di sopprimere la discussione sulla lingua cernorussa. Chernorussian "Black Russian" or "Black Ruthenian" is the Byelorussian dialect spoken in the old independent principality in the southwestern part of contemporary Belarus Byelorussia on the upper reache of the river Nioman.

Its capital was Nowohorodok.

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Its period of independence ended in Difference with literary Byelorussian are very small, though some -like the anonymous "X" contributor of this version probably reproduced from Wikisource- still use the Latin alphabet mostly based on Polish which was in official use in Byelorussia before The existence of a "Chernorussian" language distinct from Byelorussian can be compared to the question of "Moldovan" and Romanian. This is why, probably, the English edition of Wikipedia has decided to supprime the discussion page on the Chernorussian language.

Its identity with Byelorussian is evident even by observing the Romanized version of Byelorussian Internationale. Nevertheless, we keep this version for its lyrics are slightly different in some points which appear closer to the Russian version, especially in the refrain. Language: Italian Chietino. La versione si basa sulla versione italiana storica di Bergeret. A version in the Chieti Italian dialect by Domenico Chillemi.