Rally Round Abraham: A Fantasy

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Rally Round Abraham: A Fantasy by Leslie Keyser

After he demurred, the trustees in January received another whining report from the search committee, summarily disbanded it, then acted as a committee of the whole and — led by Finney — elected philosophy professor John Grier Hibben , an ordained minister who earlier had been a fast friend of Wilson but had sided with West in the grad-college, earning deep suspicion from Wilson loyalists like Fine. The underwhelming vote was a telling Still, you certainly would think that the lessons of this fiasco would remain as painful as a battle scar for generations.

So when Hibben made known his own retirement in January , effective June , and with the University now operating collegially again, the last thing on earth the trustees would want would be an interim presidency, right? Not so much.

Suspect Lincoln: A Real Conundrum

What the trustees had learned, it turns out, was to keep a lid on their selection machinations: While speculation abounded around numerous candidates, the board was silent until April —15 months into the transition period — when they boldly named … a search committee. Senior trustee Edward Duffield took over as president pro tem, with Dean Luther Eisenhart minding the academic side.

A relatively sprightly 61 years old, Duffield was the head of Prudential Insurance in Newark and came with a dizzying Princeton pedigree: a direct descendent of the first president, Jonathan Dickinson; son of a year math and classics professor; Princeton parent; and younger brother of the retired year University treasurer.

He often was mentioned as a candidate for the Senate or ironically the New Jersey governorship. Dusk's Whisper.

Depressed, lonely and prone to fits of rage, Dr. Barus Lanthan had given up on Barus Lanthan had given up on seeking answers to life's questions when he finds love and adventure that ultimately drives him insane. As the Green Epiphany drives Barus mad, Dusk discovers View Product. Her Name is Mariah. Mariah Nichols was adaptable.


Suspect Lincoln: A Real Conundrum

I Never Had To Duck. In this engaging memoir, retired Pittsburgh public servant C.

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Chuck Peters tells the captivating story Chuck Peters tells the captivating story of his ardent, lifelong love of and undistinguished service in the United States Marine Corps. His affair started when he was a Junior Marine during JCT: A Novella. Twenty-one year old Jillian Christine Thomas continues her painting career at a prestigious Parisian art Twenty-one year old Jillian Christine Thomas continues her painting career at a prestigious Parisian art school.

Rally Round Abraham : A Fantasy

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