Scandal of the Year: A Rouge Regency Romance

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Meanwhile, the rakish Colin, Lord Payne has decided to accompany her out of purely altruistic motives. And also a very small desire to see her naked. Six-foot-tall Lydia Grenville is a passionate campaigner for social justice. I love every single thing about this book. Georgina Anderson, disguising herself as a boy for safety, boards the ship of noted rake Captain James Malory to take her home to America. The author made him a viscount, but the concept of a younger son having a title while the elder is still alive is crazily inaccurate, so I just ignore it.

You can too. After all, the author does. Naturally, he sees through her disguise instantly. Thus follows a pleasurable interlude for the two of them…until he realises she had no intention of making their liaison permanent, and that realisation spurs him on to take revenge. Louisa needs to marry, and marry well. Or so she thinks….

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Another wonderful book I reread often. Really, this could pass as mainstream historical fiction — but the romance is scorching. Deirdre Fenton has always considered herself the caretaker of her irrepressible younger brother, Armand. His latest peccadillo? Deirdre, an excellent cardsharp, decides to make up the money he needs in a gambling hell. But the one holding her vowels at the end of the night is none other than Gareth, Earl of Rathbourne, the man she scorned and scarred five years ago….

I love this second-chance romance. Tobias, Earl of Blade, is a stickler for the rules.

Her head tells her to accept the widowed Duke of Savoy but her heart yearns for James Ryding, the new footman. However, James is not all he seems and he has an ulterior motive for his place in the Crompton household. Rouge Romance - your first stop for romance books.

The Crompton sisters have a knack for falling in love with the most unlikely bachelors in Olivia Drake's "enticing series The youngest of the Crompton heiresses, Blythe yearns to marry into the aristocracy to bolster her family's place in society. The widowed Duke of Savoy seems to be the perfect choice, yet it's another man who sets her heart to pounding: the new footman, James.

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He's devilishly handsome and far more fascinating than any of her noble suitors. And he alone has the power to stir her romantic dreams. Little does she know, however, James Ryding is the true heir to the Crompton fortune.

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He's posing as a servant in order to find evidence to prove her parents are imposters. By charming Blythe, he hopes to use her to regain his rightful inheritance. But as heat flares between them, he realizes that fulfilling his quest will mean ruining the beautiful, spirited woman who has captured his heart.

Her novels have won critical acclaim and numerous industry awards including the prestigious RITA. She invites you to visit www. Convert currency. Add to Basket. Martin's Paperbacks, Softcover. Condition: New. Language: English. Brand new Book. An unexpected love. But fulfilling his quest will mean ruining the beautiful woman who has captured his heart.

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Scandal of the Year: A Rouge Regency Romance

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