The Gift Of Deception

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Lets be friends on Goodreads:. Lia, a 17 year old princess also formally known as Princess Arabella Celestine Idris Jezelia, is preparing for her wedding. Her mother and others are there as artisans are etching a wedding kavah a sort of temporary tattoo onto her back. When she is completely ready and the opportunity arises, both Lia and her maid Pauline flee the castle just before the wedding. Lia thinks she is going to love this new found freedom and nobody-status.

However, she is starting to realize that part of her wedding kavah is not fading as it should, but rather it stands out more than ever on the back of her shoulder. Did you know that there is great artwork out there for the Remnant Chronicles? We created a Pinterest page to store some of it. You should go check it out and follow us! Meanwhile, the prince of Dalbreck, who turns out to be handsome and young, not old as Lia had feared, begins tracking Lia. He is embarrassed but also finds her a curiosity and begrudgingly admires her for being brave enough to do what he was not.

At that same time a young assassin from Venda is sent to track her and killed her so that Morrighan and Dalbreck will not be able to complete their alliance through marriage. The citizens of both Morrighan and Dalbreck believe the Vendans to be savages. They both meet Lia and give unrecognizable names, Rafe and Kaden. Both know who Lia really is, though neither of them knows that the other one recognizes her. Weeks go by as Lia falls into her new role and both the prince and the assassin find her intriguing and unexpected. Is Rafe the assassin or is Kaden the assassin?

Lia seems to be falling for Rafe but which one is he? Pauline has a sweetheart, Mikael, who is in the army. She believes that he will eventually come find her. She soon finds that she is pregnant with his baby. He is not angry with her for fleeing but comes only to make sure she is OK.

Deception Of The Gift And Prepaid Credit Card

Walther is married to Gretta and they are expecting their first child. Walther also warns her that the Scholar and the Chancellor are very angry.

Some drama ensues since both Rafe and Kaden see her secretly meet with her brother. Both assume she is having an affair until she sets the record straight. The village of Terravin is preparing for the summer festival of remembrance. Lia travels alone into town and while out, is confronted by an assassin sent by someone at the castle. Luckily, Rafe and Kaden come to the rescue and kill the assassin. Later after the celebrations, Lia and Rafe sneak away for a long-time coming makeout session. He is delirious with sorrow and rage and leaves her to go take his revenge.

If not for that, her sister-in-law would not have been attacked by the rebels.

Clemons As-Asiddiq, Shakur Isiah - (1 count) Theft by Deception (M1) and 1 additional charge

Lia decides to go back home and try to patch up the mess she has made. But while she and Pauline are traveling they are stopped by a band of Vendans and Kaden is one of them. Kaden is the assassin. But since Kaden has a soft spot for Lia he convinces his companions that Lia in fact does have the gift, a magical power bestowed to 1st daughters of the kingdom of Morrighan and she should be spared and taken back to Venda. They allow Pauline to go back to Terravin.

Lia starts a long treacherous journey to Venda. Luckily she is able to convince the other Vendans that she has the gift and some of them hold her in awe. Pauline finds Rafe, who we now know is the Prince of Dalbreck, back at the Inn and tells him what happened.

He heads off in search of her. His companions also catch up with him to help him track the bandits. His admissions of petty thieving, "inadvertent touching" and other disasters with women, of police searching the boot of his car and confrontations with squirrels are as funny as they are revealing of the man himself.

He recalls, for example, how he tried to fool the Rorschach inkblot test used by Harvard to decide whether to readmit him after a breakdown. He couldn't remember what was considered an "appropriate" response so decided to randomise his answers. Trivers's candid style is disarming, though of course such self-deprecation could be a double-bluff, particularly in a book devoted to deceit.

Recently Trivers has been in London promoting the book and I went to the Royal Society of Arts to hear him talk and to interview him. Words like "motherfucker" trip off his tongue where others might bite theirs. But as he told me, "I'm of the age now when I don't care any more. Trivers was worn out by the time I interviewed him after the talk. He'd recently undergone hip replacement surgery and was in too much pain to even sit, so he stood while I asked questions. He said the reason he thinks his mind has remained so active at nearly 70 years of age is that after blazing a trail in the early stage of his career he then chose to tackle an even harder subject of genetics in his middle years, culminating with his book Genes in Conflict.

Returning to Deceit, I asked Trivers who by this time was testing his back pain by balancing a chair on his head why the word empathy was missing from the book.

What happened in The Kiss of Deception?

It's not sympathy, it's feeling another's feelings. Deceit is an exhilarating read: the intertwined issues of deceit and self-deception are infinite, involving positive and negative outcomes for the fool and the fooled — roles that can reverse and revert without your even knowing. Trivers opens Deceit with the statement: "My hope is to engage you in applying these concepts to you own life and developing them further.

If we want to understand how and why we unconsciously fool ourselves, then his is an honest offer we can't refuse. Evolution Biology Science and nature books blogposts.

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