The Little Guide to Teaching Yoga in a Gym

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Become known for something. Initially, the impulse is to want to excel at everything, but developing specialty is a good thing. Your students will feel your confidence, and confidence is developed over time. If you are teaching exactly what every other teacher is teaching, you will be easily replaceable. With a clear style, naturally you will attract loyal students which leads to an increase in your yoga teacher salary.

That may or may not be enough to sustain your lifestyle. In my experience, teaching classes a day 5 days a week is very difficult, and hard to sustain for a long period of time. Most teachers like taking a month or more off out of the year to recharge and dedicate to more learning.

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This is important to internalize from the beginning. Think of your studio classes as just your marketing platform for your retreats and private classes. There are many ways to make additional streams of income as a yoga teacher , but the two most reliable are offering private or small group classes and arranging retreats. Now that you are teaching classes regularly for groups of people, this is your opportunity to capitalize on the exposure.

You should constantly be marketing your private classes. Having a roster of just regular private clients a week can quickly double your earnings.

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Your studio classes are also an opportunity to market your retreats. Most studios have no problem with you announcing retreats in your class, and many will even support them in putting them on their website and marketing.

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  6. Announce your retreats after every single class. Make it a habit.


    Think of it as an investment in yourself. Ask for help from some of the more experienced teachers you know in how they price and market their retreats. Choose new, exotic locations every couple years to keep things fresh. Pro tip : Wait until the end of class to announce your retreats, when everyone is blissed out.

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    This will also keep it top of mind for students to come up to you after class and ask for more information. Learning how to be a yoga teacher is just the beginning. Building yoga careers usually takes at least years at least of consistent effort. I often see young teachers becoming frustrated because they want it to happen faster. It almost never does.

    I also offer FREE resources for yoga teachers who want to boost their career and attract private clients here: www. Shayna has been teaching yoga and leading yoga retreats around the world for over a decade. Alas, life has been and still is the greatest teacher of all…. Shayna is originally from New Jersey, but lived and learned in the jungles of Costa Rica for five years of her early adult life. This is where she experienced her most significant healing and personal transformation.

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    Menu Skip to content. This is a guest post by Shayna Hiller — a yoga teacher, retreat leader, and yoga business coach. I want to learn more about yoga, and also, kind of getting interested into everything of this weird parallel universe meditation, breathing, ayurveda, visualisations, yogic practices.. Why does the teacher keeps repeating inhale exhale… like a million time in class? Breathing is seriously the tool to access and control your brain and your body.

    Yoga Teacher Training Specificities. What Teacher Training did you follow? Their next session starts in june and if you want more info then email their team earthtofly. Is this blog post sponsored by your teacher training? Can you teach yoga without following a teacher training?

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    Again, this is my opinion. Legally, at least in France, yes. Practically, not really. What are the different trainings available? This is the most common first step that any one who wants to either become a yoga teacher or learn more about yoga will do. It should includes content about the physical practice common postures, alignments, benefits , yoga philosophy, other practices pranayama, meditation, ayurveda chakras exploration.. Those are mostly taken either by curious people who are interested in a specificity of yoga for their own knowledge , or yoga teachers that did a H and want to learn more about a specific topic.

    Can be pre-post natal yoga, yin yoga, acro yoga, meditation, chakras, yoga nidra, sequencing classes, specific yoga style etc.

    source Can be done during weekends, retreats.. What about certifications, diplomas? So I mentioned earlier, you could basically teach yoga without a training or a diploma. But then, is is necessary to be certified by some sort of organisation? There are just SO many teacher trainings now and some seriously do amazing jobs, some really do shit. And to get the insurance you need your diploma. So, yea! Very wide answer. Very wide. Also, keep in mind your teacher training will cost more money than the cost asked on the registration form.

    Do you have to have an amazing practice to do a teacher training? You will however learn about correct alignments in fundamental postures hopefully and be really good at that. You need to be passionate about yoga, curious and open-minded.